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Create personalized music channels enjoying a continuous stream of music videos and discover new music you will love.

I worked in every aspect of the project, from UI/UX design to development and marketing.

I worked on MusicTandem as a personal project, as soon as I got a new iPad I felt it was missing something to watch great music on Youtube no stop, something you could start with a tap of a finger and leave it there doing all the rest while you are working, having a shower or whatever, that’s because everything is nicer with some good music in the background.

Life is better with a soundtrack.

From there it evolved in a Personalized Music Channel, aiming to be like your on demand MTV, a music television that suits your style of music.

I marketed the app to the biggest blogs speaking about everything related to tech and apple and I’ve got covered by Mashable, The Next Web, AppAdvice, Wired Italia, iSpazio, iPadclub.nl and lots of other blogs worldwide.

The app reached to top of the rankings in the AppStore, going into the top 10 paid app in Music in 47 countries and even reached #1 overall above Angry Birds, and Pages in Netherlands and France.


UX / UI Design
iOS Development
Web Design


The EchoNest API
YouTube API
Facebook/Twitter API

Archigram Archival Project

Ten thousand images of the work of one of the most iconic of 1960s architecture groups, Archigram, are to be available to view online for the first time – thanks to a ground-breaking University of Westminster project.

I worked in the development of the website, creating a custom Content Management System for the archive.
I co-worked in UI design with Filip Visnjic

The software has been created from scratch to fit perfectly the needs of the project, firstly a customised online backend manager has been developed working in close contact with the project manager Clare Hamman to understand how she wanted to build up this extensive datasource, it needed to be very simple to use and accessible from several workstations cause of the massive amount of work needed on the cataloguing of the archigram works. both for the backend and frontend site development, we've been in some way developing it together, we didn't follow a "standard" project development plan, we had always changing requirements that an initial project plan could never foresee, so i firstly created a core system and then we've been adding the needed bits as we were working on it.

The website has been through many visual redesign too, and as Filip mentioned, in each step we've been working on it to reduce it to the strictly necessary bits because we wanted it to be just a kind of "invisible" mean to the content of the archive. the website is just the archigram work itself, no more is needed.

What people says...

Archigram on Twitter

Dr Irene Murray, Sir Banister Fletcher Director at the British Architectural Library, said:
"The Archigram Archival Project has created a truly outstanding new model for research-rich digital based projects internationally.

“Easy to use, effective in its design and structure, it makes vast quantities of information available under basic typologies: projects; exhibitions, magazines and people.

“The Archive will be invaluable for specialists, but its colourful mosaic leads and clear navigation will attract and stimulate the general public. It is a great tribute to all its creators that the Archive retains the quality and even re-presents the heady excitement of the original work by Archigram members, complete with the often controversial response to it."


UX / UI Design
Web Development


AJAX / JQuery
ImageMagick API
GMaps API for zooming

Chinese Poster Collection

The University of Westminster’s Chinese Poster Collection is a unique archival collection of international importance holding some 800 posters spanning the period between the 1950s and the 1980s.

I worked as Web Developer and Designer (Part-time)

The majority of the collection dates from the 1960s to the 1970s, making it an important resource for study of the Cultural Revolution (1976-1976), a period of history often dismissed as ‘the ten dark years of chaos’ but recently emerging in more detail through a number of important museums, documentary films, articles and research.

...and worked on some other projects as Amarok Music Player and KDE.

A Bit About Me


I'm Pierpaolo Di Panfilo
a Web and Mobile Developer with User Experience and Design skills.

I've got passion for everything web related, from API Development to Web Design.
Experienced in PHP, C/C++, Objective-C and Java.
Master in HTML5/CSS3 and the awesome JQuery.

I graduated in Informatics
I studied at
University of L'Aquila
University of Westminster, London, UK

I worked as Web Developer in London, UK
iOS Developer at San Benedetto Del Tronto

currently living in Italy, Teramo

I've been involved in Open Source projects such as Amarok (KDE Music Player) and Opie (Sharp Zaurus GUI) during secondary and high school.

I love Travelling

Please find my CV on LinkedIn

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